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We develop the next-generation multifunctional fixed-wing drones for beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) flights. Used as carriers, our drones can execute various (un)manned missions. Depending on the objective and requirements of the mission, we offer different types of carrier drones that are equipped with customized payload (photo, video, IR cameras, LIDAR, etc.). The optimal drone-payload combination results in up to 5x faster, 10x more productive, 3x more cost-effective, safe and green solutions.
NATO flag ISO 9001:2015
AeroDiagnostika is an official supplier for NATO. The company has been also assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 for design and manufacture of unmanned areal vehicles (drones) as well as provision of aerial diagnostics services of infrastructure using unmanned aerial vehicles.

Fox Drone


Fox is capable of reaching high speeds with a load of 2 kg and therefore is suitable for short focused missions, e.g. emergency inspection. Its effective combustion engine guarantees agility and cost-efficiency.
For compatible sensor systems, see Services.

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FastFox Drone


FastFox is a high speed, advanced aerodynamic construction UAV. Due to its extended fuselage and powerful combustion engine, larger payload can be carried for long distances. 4 kg payload expands the drone’s applicability, while the catapult take-off option minimizes launch area requirements.
For compatible sensor systems, see Services.

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SmartFox Drone


SmartFox is designed for low-altitude long-endurance flights. With 6-8 kg payload the drone can be equipped with diverse sensors for complex missions. With the optimal engine choice – combustion, electric, electric with solar cells or the combination of all three – SmartFox can stay airborne for several hours with low or close to zero CO2 emissions.
For compatible sensor systems, see Services.

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our services


We offer technical support and periodic check-up for our UAVs. High quality spare parts and electronic components are used for repairs, which can be purchased separately.
This “Drone + Maintenance” service pack is an optimal choice for companies that have their own drone operators.

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We organize individual and group training sessions for UAV operators using our drones. After finishing the course, trainees are able to pilot different kinds of UAVs independently. This “Drone + Training” service pack suits companies that choose to outsource the training of their drone operators.

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Data collection

We offer customized automated inspection using UAVs that allow collection of diverse data. Depending on the integrated sensor systems, e.g. photo, video, infrared (IR) cameras or LIDARs, high-definition multispectral images and point clouds can be obtained even from high-risk or hard-to-access places. This “Data Collection” service pack excludes the analytics component and is suitable for small-scale objects investigation, for which no detailed report is required.

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The “Analytics” service pack links the drone+payload platform with an algorithm for automatic detection of objects of interest, providing actionable reports at near real-time of inspection. Due to artificial intelligence (e.g. computer vision, neural networks) based algorithms used for analysis, vast amounts of data can be captured and processed over a single flight. This service is especially advantageous for regular, repetitive inspection over long distances, large areas and quantities.

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About us

Aerodiagnostika is an ISO certified UAV development startup working on the next generation fixed-wing platform and its integration with the cutting-edge AI based data analytics. The diverse Aerodiagnostika team consists of innovation- and technology-driven people that are experts in the fields of aeronautics, mechanics, IT and business management. Having a track record in commercial and military UAV projects delivery, the team is now tackling the issue of automated utility asset inspection and beyond. Aerodiagnostika is an official supplier for NATO.


November 2019

19-11-22. AeroDiagnostika was invited to present the opportunities and prospects of UAVs for use in cartography and geographic information systems (GIS) at the Cartocon 2019 conference held in Vilnius. The fields of geodesy, cartography and GIS can potentially profit significantly from integrating UAV-based solutions in their processes.

November 2019

19-11-21. AeroDiagnostika team spent four extremely productive days with our collaborators, the RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems GmbH, in Horn, Austria. We participated in training activities that highlighted the vast possibilities of the LIDAR technology. Airborne LIDAR solutions undoubtedly have a great potential!

November 2019

19-11-16. For the ones that are interested in a more down-to-earth story of AeroDiagnostika, be welcome to check out episode 31 of the “Proto Industrija” Vlog, where we talk about our everyday struggles and vision for the future with a talented entrepreneur and the host of the show Erikas Viršilas.

November 2019

19-11-13. We are very glad to have been given a chance to share our passion for UAV technology with a young academic community during the International GIS Day celebration events held at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU). We believe that a strong industry-academia interface is the key to success!

November 2019

19-11-07. Vilnius Energy Forum is a leading annual event where experts and businesses from the energy sector gather to discuss global and national tendencies as well as development possibilities. We contributed to the discussion with an overview of the current status and prospective benefits of UAV-based services in the energy sector.

October 2019

19-10-27. We greatly enjoyed participation in the Lithuanian Defence Technology Development Camp, DELTA NAVY Hackathon as an interdisciplinary GreenBee team. We were very excited to join forces with young technology enthusiasts and generate ideas for UAV-based solutions in military and defence.

September 2019

We had an opportunity to meet the leading players in the US defense system including Bell Textron Inc., Lockheed Martin Corporation, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Oshkosh Defense LLC and Palo Alto Networksat at the US-Lithuanian Defense Forum held in Vilnius, where we discussed the prospects of B2B cooperation.

September 2019

We demonstrated our military drones (stand no. N10-164) in the Defence & Security Equipment International (DSEI) fair and expo held in London. Our cost-efficient and customizable UAV solutions were met with enthusiasm by military delegations from around the world.
A short interview can be found here.

September 2019

Our newest creation – the low-altitude long-endurance (LALE) GreenBee drone – is ready for advanced aerial inspection and diagnostics services. The GreenBee is a record-breaking UAV that enables highly stabilized low-speed flights for diverse data collection from a bird's eye view.

June 2019

We had an inspiring experience participating at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2019 together with the world’s leading businesspeople in Den Haag, the Netherlands. Three exciting days were spent discussing with the most influential entrepreneurs, meeting future collaborators and spreading the message about Lithuania’s potential in high-tech.

May 2019

We received recognition from the Climate-KIC Accelerator – the EU accelerator programme focused on climate impact. Climate-KIC is supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). We spent two intensive days in Frankfurt, Germany, discussing environmental sustainability and building our network among cleantech businesses.

May 2019

We were pleased to be selected to present our UAV-based solutions at the Startup Fair Pitch Battle in Vilnius. It is always a pleasure to meet business and technology enthusiasts.

September 2018

Meeting potential clients and investors at the Berlin Startupnight, Germany. Our streamlined design FastFox drone attracted extensive attention from both the visitors and the participants of the expo.

July 2018

We participated in a military training of the joint NATO navy forces on the Baltic sea. Our Fox target-drones launched flawlessly from the ship deck despite intensive waving and strong sea winds.

June 2018

Discussing the perspectives of UAVs in the energetics sector with His Majesty the King of the Netherlands and the President of Lithuania at the Bilateral Forum on Sustainable Energy, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Our Projects


„Bepiločio orlaivio skirto inspektavimui ir monitoringui, liemens pritaikyto įvairių prietaisų transportavimui projektavimas ir prototipo sukūrimas“. Nuo 2018 spalio 03 d. Nr. 01.2.1-MITA-T-852-02-0005


„Bepiločio orlaivio sistemos kūrimas infrastruktūros diagnostikai“. Nuo 2019 kovo 18 d. Nr. J05-LVPA-K-04-0052. Finansuojama iš Europos regioninės plėtros fondo
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Climate KIC Accelarator (Germany). Funding from The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) via Climate-KIC Holding B.V. (“Climate-KIC”)


Ikiprekybinis pirkimas „Automatizuotų technologijų, skirtų elektros oro linijų diagnostikai ir gedimų–defektų nustatymui sukūrimas“.


Ikiprekybinis pirkimas „Inovatyvių įtvarų gamybos technologijos sukūrimas“.

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